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Art Submission

Stamps and any item that is laser (or rotary) engraved REQUIRE black and white images to work from. NO colors, fades or “grayscale” images may be used. The image at left is an example of black and white art for engraving. Note that images being converted or saved for engraving should be “line art”, 1 bit monochrome, black and white. Please do not use halftone or other conversions that create dots or patterns to simulate shades - Line Art, black and white only. Images should be sized at the actual stamp or engraved size (or larger) with at least 300 DPI resolution.
NOTE: Typical images downloaded and saved from the internet are 72 DPI and much too small to be used. For the purposes of reproduction with satisfactory results, bigger is better!

 Grayscale is not “black and white” and can not be used for engraving. “LINE ART” is the only useful black and white image. (Above left) Avoid Halftone, Jarvis, Floyd-Steinberg or any style that uses patterns or dots to simulate dark areas.


For FULL COLOR or Dye Sublimated Items:
These images may be any full color photo image or multi-color graphic with similar sizing details as above (at least 300 DPI and sized for final reproduction or larger).
However, for our process, the color format should be RGB or sRGB. If your artwork is designed as CMYK (four color process), please convert and save as RGB before sending so you can see and correct any color differences.
Your art may have been designed to use Pantone Color Matching. If that is the case, and RGB conversion is not available, include ALL Pantone color codes with your art. NOTE: Colors are often subjective. It is preferred any conversions be done before submitting your art. We will match our production item based on the artwork and colors supplied or referenced.